Pyramid solitaire

The basic goal of the Pyramid Solitaire flash game is to get rid of the entire deck. This can be achieved by searching for pairs of cards having a total score of 13. Nevertheless, kings are separately eliminated. On the cards found in the bottom row of the pyramid remains available at the beginning of the game. As the cards below them are removed, the other rows in the pyramid become accessible. Through one at a time, the cards that are not in the pyramid are cycled.

The gameplay of the pyramid solitaire game remains simple to follow. When you click on a king ranked thirteen, it simply means moving to the discard pile. You will have to click on the first card if your plan is to eliminate a pair of cards whose total rank is 13. Next on the line is to click on the second card and finally both. This will help to move them to the discard pile. It is important to know that queens rank 12 while Jacks remain 12.

Control: mouse

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