Fairway solitaire

Fairway Solitaire is like the classic Solitaire game but with a twist. Big Fish has turned this classic card game into one of the most downloaded games on the Internet. You are going to be going through challenging levels though so this game will prove to be a tough one. That is not a bad thing for those who like to go through a difficult road on the way to the prize.

The leaderboards let you compare your score with other avid players of the game. The commentary in the game is amazing as it is like you are playing in real life. There is also one angry gopher who pops up every now and then when you achieve something. Trophies are available for those who achieve high scores. This is certainly a game that will make you think about how to win. Watch out for the wild shot cards too as they can either make or break the game.

Control: mouse

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